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Sewer Line Repair and Installation in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Sewer lines are a crucial but invisible aspect of your home and property. For most people, out of sight means out of mind, which is why they don't realize that there's a problem with their sewer lines until it's too late. Moreover, just the thought of sewer line repairs can give homeowners headaches. Are you in a similar situation? Don't worry because we are here for you with solutions that are easy and efficient. Call us now for help with your sewer lines in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.




Budget Drainage in Vancouver deals with all kinds of sewer line troubles regularly. Problems with your sewer lines can result from a variety of factors including root infiltration - when tree roots find a way to get into your sewer lines and clog it, weakening of pipes due to their age. Or that existing sewer lines have been incorrectly installed.  We have served Greater Vancouver for over 25 years, we'll find a way to get into your sewer pipes and fix them, no matter what the cause is.


Find out more about root infiltration and your underground services.




We use the latest video inspection technology to examine your pipes and figure out what's wrong with them. Video inspection usually lets us zero in on the issue early, so that we can get down to business as soon as possible. Video inspections help you save time and money.  Learn More about Video Camera inspections.



The team at Budget Drainage will make every attempt to repair your broken sewer line, but, unfortunately, sometimes there is no alternative but to install a new one.  If this is the case, the team will assess whether a trenchless option is viable. Read our blog “Trenchless versus traditional Sewer Lines” for more information.  Whether your new sewer line installation uses traditional or trenchless methods, the team at Budget Drainage will do their utmost to ensure that your homes sanitary system is operational quickly and with the least possible disruption.


Property owners like you often dread sewer line repairs because of the havoc they can wreak. With us, you can rest easy because our sewer line repair services are advanced, and we offer both traditional and trenchless methods. What this means is that, depending upon the project, we may be able to access your underground sewer lines without extensive excavations. While this is not possible for most jobs, our team has the experience to evaluate whether this is a viable option for you or not.


The best time to discover any type of problem is when it first begins.  However, we often don’t notice the little problems until they become big ones.  Here are some common signs that signal towards damaged or broken sewer lines in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

  • Slow flushing of toilets, drainage of sinks, showers and bathtubs.

  • Frequent and persistent clogged drains are often the result of debris damming up the pipework.  Damming can be caused by the following:

  1. Old, degraded pipework

  2. Infiltration of roots

  3. The sewer line not running at enough of a downward grade

For information on signs that you may have a clogged or broken sewer line, please read this detailed article.


Broken sewer lines and sewer line backups are something that no homeowner wants to experience.  Hire our specialists to handle broken sewer lines in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Whether you are just starting to notice some common signs of a damaged sewer line or you are experiencing a sewage emergency, call Budget Drainage today – your family-owned and operated source for all of your sewer line service needs.

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