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Water Line Leaks and Water Line Repair Services in West Vancouver & North Vancouver

Can you see water running or pooling on your property? If so, you probably have a water line issue. When you see water in uncommon places or recognize any signs in our guide, it’s time to contact the professionals at Budget Drainage for water line repair in Vancouver.

Waterlines  run from the street into your property bringing freshwater to your home. If these water lines break they will leak.  As a result, you may notice reduced water pressure, soggy areas on your property, and perhaps an abnormally large water bill. It’s important to have potential water line problems diagnosed and repaired promptly.


Contact us now at Budget Drainage if you think you have a broken water line.


Water lines can fail due simply to wear and tear or an overabundance of pressure in the lines. Some of the other reasons are as follows: 

• Corrosion
• Water pressure
• Ageing
• Ground movement
• Freezing temperatures

To learn more, feel free to speak to our team and they will be glad to help.

The Signs 

You can look out for the following signs to know whether you have a broken water line:

Water running from your property

A broken water line with significant damage can cause a large enough leak for the water to run from your property or down your driveway or rock walls.

Wet areas in the yard

When an underground water line bursts, it may cause wet areas in your yard. Walk around your front and backyard and search for wet spots or puddles.

High water bill in municipalities that charge for water consumption

If you have a broken water line, then you'll most likely see an increase in your municipal water bill if you live in a Municipality that charges homeowners for their water usage. As the water continues to leak from the pipe, your water bill continues to rise.

Low water pressure

A sudden drop in water pressure could also be a sign that a pipe is damaged. If water is leaking from your water line, then there won't be as much coming through your home's faucets, and the water pressure decreases.

The Causes

Old supply lines and water lines

If you own an older home, then the supply lines and water lines will be old as well. As the pipes age with time, they become weaker and are more prone to bursting from age. The most common cause of waterline breakage is the age of the line.

Growing tree roots

Nearby trees can also cause damage to your water lines. Tree roots from trees in your yard and from neighbours’ yards can grow around the water lines, causing them to break.


Assure yourself of quality workmanship by choosing Budget Drainage for your waterline repair. Our highly trained professionals will get to the root of your problem right away while treating your property as we would our own. If you believe you may require a water line repair or replacement at your Vancouver area property, please contact us for a cost estimate. We will then assess the situation and our highly trained and hardworking team will get the work done efficiently and professionally.


If you find yourself needing a water line repair, call Budget Drainage, Vancouver’s premier source for waterline repair for over 25 years. We will send our experts to your home to assess and provide trustworthy and cost-effective solution to your waterline issues. Trust us to provide an excellent water line repair service.

For further questions or a cost estimate, call us at 778-231-6960 or fill out our online form, and we shall get back to you promptly to discuss your project. Discover our outstanding customer service today! We deliver our services on time and within budget.

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