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Trusted Perimeter Drainage in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Vancouver homes usually have perimeter drainage systems, which catch and direct water away from the home’s foundation.  Perimeter drainage systems keep basements dry and helps to prevent water damage inside a home. Another term commonly used for perimeter drains is French drains. Greater Vancouver’s wet weather means that these systems are especially important.   Budget Drainage specializes in the installation of perimeter drainage systems in North Vancouver and West Vancouver. Our experience is something your neighbours' trust, and you can rely on it too!


What Is a Perimeter Drainage System?


In the way, eavestroughing collects rainwater and directs it away from your home through a downspout, perimeter drainage systems do the same for heavy rains, melting snow, or from rising groundwater levels. Perimeter drainage systems are a type of water management system, commonly used in residential properties as prevention against water seepage in basements. The system is designed to collect water and carry that water away from your home.


A perimeter drainage system is popularly referred to as weeping-tile because, in the past, clay-tiles were used in perimeter drainage systems. Even though clay tiles are no longer in use, the name is still used.


How Does a Perimeter Drainage Function?

Perimeter drainage systems are installed underground around your house. The drainage pipes have small holes in them and these holes allow water to enter the pipework, which can then be drained away from the foundation of your house to the City drains. As part of the perimeter drainage system, the holes are covered by layers of gravel, making a path for the smooth entrance of water without dirt/debris to prevent the drain from clogging.

Your Perimeter Drainage System

Your perimeter drainage system can include a foundation membrane, perforated drainage pipe and porous fill (usually gravel). The membrane keeps moisture away from the foundation, the fill allows water to freely move down to the pipework and also up into the perforated pipe, which is graded away from the foundation, usually to a catch basin and then out to the City drains.


Over time dirt, debris, and other waste materials can block your perimeter drains or your old drainage may collapse. It may cause the following damage to your property:

  • Seeping basement walls

  • Puddling near or in the basement

  • Water stained walls

  • Flodding in your home


If your system is showing signs of failing or has already failed, call Budget Drainage. Our expert staff will diagnose your drainage problems and determine the best course of action for your specific issues.


Please read our guide on what to do when your perimeter drainage system fails, and get in contact with us for a consultation. We offer the following services as well:



If you have ever observed water seeping from the bottom of your basement wall or floor joint on the interior of your home, then it is possible that you need a new perimeter drainage system. Vancouver has an oceanic (wet) climate, so local contractors incorporate these foundation-saving systems into their homes and buildings. Budget Drainage can install perimeter drainage systems in North Vancouver and West Vancouver. We have a thorough understanding of perimeter drainage systems, as well as all other aspects of drainage for homes and commercial buildings. Should your system fail, we’re able to come and make the repairs you need.

Budget Drainage is a family-owned and operated business based on the North Shore, serving the communities of West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby and the Greater Vancouver Area. We’ve been in business since 1994 and have gained many repeat customers through our trustworthy approach and competitive pricing on projects both large and small. Customer satisfaction is absolutely our top priority


Get a Cost Estimate

Call us today to ask about perimeter drainage in North Vancouver and West Vancouver – we’ll come out, assess your property, and give you an honest cost estimate. You can also fill out our contact form to learn more. We look forward to serving you with all your drainage needs, from start to finish; including sewer line, foundation or water line repairs and maintenance.

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