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Water in your Basement, Repair and Remediation in North Vancouver, West Vancouver & the Surrounding Area

If your basement is accumulating water during weather events, don’t wait to get it seen, as a little water can be a sign of bigger issues which could arise in the future. You may have experienced a large amount of water in your home, which is something that needs to be
dealt with as soon as possible. Whether it is a small amount of water or a catastrophic flood in your basement, Budget Drainage can help.


Reasons for Wet Basements


There are many reasons why a homeowner may have moisture or water in their home’s basement, but one of the main reasons is that the perimeter drainage around the home has failed or isn’t working properly. The main purpose of perimeter drainage is to carry away water which gets accumulated around your house and from roof drains. Budget Drainage can assess your perimeter drainage to determine if it is working correctly and provide you with a scope of
work and cost estimate for fixing the issue.


Sometimes homeowners forget that routine maintenance of their perimeter drainage system is important to help ensure that it is functioning as it should. If you can’t recall the last time that you had your perimeter drains cleaned, it is probably time to call us in to provide drain cleaning services. Drains should typically be cleaned every three years, so if you haven’t checked your perimeter drains recently, we can provide you with an underground pipe inspection
though video cameras, professional drain and provide professional drain cleaning services.


If all or part of your perimeter drainage needs to be replaced, then Budget Drainage can handle this for you.


Another reason for basements to flood is that the home’s sump pump stops working or is malfunctioning. The sump pump is responsible for moving groundwater from the perimeter drainage system to the city drains. Sump pumps can stop working because they are worn
out, malfunctioning, or there is a power outage. When sump pumps stop working, there is a risk of water backing up and entering your home. For this reason, it is important for sump pumps to have backup generators which take over when there is a power cut.


Budget Drainage installs sump pumps, catch basins and backup generators. We can also check your sump pumps to make sure they are in good working order.


Contact Us Today

Budget Drainage is a family-owned and operated, North Shore-based business that has been providing perimeter drainage, water line and sewer line services to the community for over 25 years. Call us today if you have water in your basement or if you are looking for ways to
prevent water from entering your home. We will advise you whether the services that we provide are what you need.


Budget Drainage – 778-231-6960 Give us a call for more information. One Call Drains it All!

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