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Drainage Contractor, Water Line and Sewer System Services in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

One of the most common causes of major plumbing damage is ignoring the small signs that lead up to a big problem. We deal with water supply, storm water and sanitary sewer lines.


Budget Drainage is a drainage contractor specializing in diagnostics, repair, installation, and maintenance of drainage, water lines, and sewer systems throughout the North Shore, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and surrounding communities. Our experienced technicians can inspect your entire system and detect and repair any problems before they get out of hand. If you are already experiencing a drainage emergency, don’t hesitate – call Budget Drainage today!


Whether you are just beginning to notice signs that your drainage system isn’t working as well as it should be or you are in the midst of a drainage emergency, Budget Drainage is here to work for you! Damage resulting from drainage and sewer-related flooding is increasing. The following is a quote from The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company:

"Ongoing severe storm activity has increased the frequency and severity of weather patterns caused by heavy rainfall and sewer backup. Due to changing weather patterns, we expect these intense events to continue for years to come." – Dominion of Canada, 2010.

plugged drain

Routine maintenance can often prevent a catastrophic failure of drainage and sewer infrastructures, which are often not covered by household insurance policies. Insurance companies are also starting to cap sewer backup limits.

Put our experience as a reliable drainage contractor in North Vancouver and West Vancouver to work for you today. At Budget Drainage, we work with you step-by-step from the first phone call you make until the job is finished. We will make sure you know what we are doing, why we are doing it and how much it is going to cost you. Our goal is to be the go-to source for a reliable, up-front and all-inclusive drainage contractor in North Vancouver and West Vancouver. So whether you are looking for routine maintenance, a repair on your current drainage system or installation of an entirely new system, let us get to work for you! Give us a call to arrange your comprehensive consultation.

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