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Underground Drainage and Sanitary Pipe Inspection for Property Managers & Residents in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Every property manager should have a great drainage contractor on speed dial to call upon when they need help with the inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement of a building’s underground services. Issues with a property’s sewer lines, water lines or drainage can be traumatic for a tenant, stressful for a homeowner and a lot of work for a property manager. Budget Drainage provides reliable, local, trustworthy, experienced and professional drainage and sanitary services to property managers and residents alike in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, East Vancouver and the West Side.

Serving our customers since 1994, the staff at Budget Drainage can help you with everything from routine maintenance and minor repairs to major projects such as water line and sewer line repair and replacement, perimeter drainage repairs, foundation repairs and video camera inspections.

Budget Drainage focuses on small strata units and tenanted residential properties, offering a full line of drainage, water line, and sewer line services. We understand that property managers may be under a lot of stress and would rather avoid the headaches of long and complicated repair processes. That’s why we recommend booking an underground pipe inspection today. For more information on what we do and how this service works, click here.

Preventative Underground Pipe Inspections for the Vancouver Area

Don’t wait until issues arise to have an in-depth underground pipe inspection done. If you ignore the problems or aren’t even aware of them, you will end up having to get more work done and it will probably cost a lot more money. For a lot of people, your pipes are out of sight, out of mind. Having regular inspections ensures you know exactly what is happening with your building’s plumbing system and what needs to be done to avoid expensive repairs or replacements.


At Budget Drainage, we use trenchless technology which minimizes disruption to tenants and property. If you do need to do work, with the help of a sewer camera, we can figure out what’s actually happening below without having to dig up the beautiful lawn, garden space, driveway, or anything else. Once we know what needs to be done, we can access and replace your pipe by digging two holes – one at the start of the pipe and one at the end – for easy fast and efficient repairs. It’s quick, easy, and unobtrusive.

Our many underground pipe inspection services in Vancouver include:


Having regular underground pipe inspections done by a reliable Vancouver-based drainage contractor can provide you with peace of mind. If you are a property manager handling residential rentals Budget Drainage is here to help make your job easier. Call us at 778-231-6960.

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