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Blocked Underground Drain Pipe Inspection in North Vancouver & West Vancouver

Purchasing a house is a huge investment. You want to know that all aspects of your new house are working well, ready for you to move into it. That’s why getting a plumbing inspection before buying your house is essential. Budget Drainage offers underground pipe inspection for Vancouver’s homes. The advantage of asking for a professional opinion about your plumbing situation is that there may be problems that even the current owners haven’t noticed. An inspection can reveal these problems. Even if you feel complete confidence, this course of action is strongly recommended.
If you are looking for an underground pipe inspection as part of an entire house inspection, please visit our home inspection page for additional information and details.


Possible Underground Pipe Problems

There are many sewage and drainage issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Many factors can result in problems with your sewer and perimeter drainage systems, such as:

  • Tree roots work their way into underground lines, looking for water – this is especially true for older homes. For more information, please visit our tree root infiltration page.
  • With newer homes, the backfill around the house has not had a chance to settle, which can change the layout of your sewer system over time – a drop in the piping can create a blockage
  • A “belly” – a part of the pipe where the slope has been compromised, creating an area for liquid and other materials to build up and create a blockage


Whether a house is old or new, it’s important to look beneath the surface at the inner workings of your new home. Save yourself money in the future by investing in a sewer and perimeter drainage camera inspection!

Perimeter Drainage Pipes

The perimeter drainage system on a property is responsible for dealing with rainwater and keeping your home moisture-free. Problems such as the growth of tree roots, accumulation of debris, broken tiles, leaks and other issues, can affect the ability of your perimeter drain pipes to do their job. In such a scenario, inspections are a great way to identify the source of trouble to take the necessary action. Our state-of-the-art equipment lets us get a complete look at your perimeter drainage system. Along with sewer lines, perimeter drain pipes are a critical part of your home's underground services and shouldn't be neglected.


Please speak to us if you'd like to find out more about our sewer and perimeter pipes inspections. We can inspect and repair your blocked drain pipe in West Vancouver.


A sewer and perimeter drainage pipe camera inspection is a great option for your home. A camera is inserted into your piping allowing the contractor to view the inside of the pipes in detail and gain a better understanding of issues that may not be detectable otherwise.


Ensuring that your plumbing system is in good working order doesn’t end with a pipe inspection! There are several other aspects that require a detailed going over. Here are some tips for checking your water meter and valves:

Close all your faucets, then have a look to see if the water meter is turning – if yes, there is a leak!
Shut off the main valve, then check each faucet in the house to see if water comes out – it shouldn’t!

Next, be sure to inspect your water heater for corrosion. 

By taking all these precautions, you can be assured of the quality of your new home before you make a purchase. Budget Drainage can help you at every step of the way by providing tried-and-true services with great customer interactions – all at a price you can afford!


Contact Budget Drainage today to book your inspection and to ensure you make a sound investment on the right house!

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