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Expert Sump Pump and Backup Generator Installation and Repair in North Vancouver & West Vancouver

What is a sump pump?


A sump pump moves water that accumulates in a catch basin (also called a sump) away from the home, helping to prevent the home from flooding.  The water is usually pumped away to the municipal storm drain system.  A properly installed and maintained sump pump with a backup generator can significantly reduce the risk of flooding in your home.  A sump pump is usually powered by electricity.  There are many different types, sizes and specifications for sump pumps, and it is important to take this into account when choosing a sump pump, so it is important to have an expert work with you to make these choices.


Catch basins and sumps need regular maintenance and if a pump is involved, it will need to be inspected on a regular basis to make sure that the pump(s) are clear of debris and all float switches are correctly set.  Budget Drainage installs new systems, maintains existing systems, and replaces worn out systems, protecting you and your home from unnecessary water damage.  When is it a good idea to install a sump pump and catch basin at your home?


Sump pumps are usually installed at homes where the water table is above the level of the basement.  They are also installed at properties where the home is situated in a low-lying area. 


When should your sump pump be serviced and how often should it be replaced?


Sump pumps should be serviced on a regular basis, approximately every five years, and replaced approximately every ten years.  The Budget Drainage team are specialist in the installation, maintenance, and replacement of sump pumps, we are here to help.


I have a sump pump; do I need a backup generator as well?


It is also important to have the appropriate backup generator installed to keep your sump pumps running if there is a power cut at your home.  Sump pumps are powered by electricity and will stop working during a power cut so a backup generator is important because if a sump pump stops running, then there is a risk of flooding.  A backup generator is designed to take over when there is a power outage.  The generator should be designed specifically for use with sump pumps.  Our specialists will advise on the correct generator for your project and install the system correctly. 


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The team at Budget Drainage have extensive experience with sump pumps, catch basins and backup generators.  A specialist can help you to determine the correct system for your home’s specific needs and provide you with a cost estimate.  We can then do what needs to be done to ensure that your sump pump system is working tirelessly to protect your home from flooding, even when the power goes out.  We are a family owned, North Shore based company specializing in water lines, sewer lines and drainage.


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