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What lies beneath: underground inspection services for your new home

If you buy a home, you don’t just buy all the things you love about it, you also inherit its problems. However, not all the potential issues in a home are immediately obvious or easily fixed. Much of what’s essential about a home—its pipes and sewage systems, for example—are hidden from plain sight and are therefore a little harder to identify and correct.

That’s why, before you purchase a new home, it’s best to find a drainage contractor to inspect the house you have your eye on. We at Budget Drainage offer underground services to everyone in the North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Greater Vancouver areas. Here are just a few advantages to hiring an expert to inspect your home.

What do underground services include?
You might not always pay attention to them, but the underground parts of your home support everything that’s above them. That’s why, before laying down any money on a new home, you’ll want to have its underground services inspected. The features that should be inspected include:

Sewer lines. A properly functioning home should have working incoming and outgoing sewer systems. The network of pipes and drains that carry waste water out of your home is known as your sewer lines. Problems with sewer lines are serious because accumulation of waste water from your shower or toilet can pose a serious health risk to you and your family.
Water lines. The incoming water system is known as your home’s water lines. These bring in fresh water to be used in any number of different ways in your home. 
The foundation. Your house’s foundation is literally the rock (or cement) that your home is built on. Age, pools of water, and damage from roots from nearby trees, however, can weaken a foundation’s integrity, making everything that it supports less stable.
And more. Depending on your house, there may be any number of other systems underneath it. If you’re unsure of exactly what’s under your house, it’s best to hire an expert to investigate.

Where can I find someone to inspect my underground services?
We at Budget Drainage can send a drainage contractor to inspect your home’s underground systems for any weak points and repair any existing damage that we might find there. If you’re thinking of buying a new home in North Vancouver, why not make sure that you’re making a sound investment? Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your dream home a reality.