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Tree Root Infiltration and Sewer Lines

Tree Roots

When you consider all the things that can go wrong with your sewer system, clogged lines may come to mind. While these are indeed potential issues you should be aware of, one of the most serious problems that can affect your pipes is tree root infiltration. Although trees create shade in your yard and add beauty to your property, their root systems can pose a threat to your pipes and lead to broken sewer lines. Let Budget Drainage in Vancouver give you a little more information about how tree roots can damage your sewer system, how to tell if damage has occurred, and what to do if it does. Why are trees a threat to your pipes? As we all know, trees love water. Even if the water in question is covered with a thick layer of PVC or metal, trees will find a way to get at it. This can mean that they’ll breach the integrity of your pipes to gain access to the water within. How can you tell if a tree has damaged your sewer lines? Sometimes, of course, your drains just get blocked with the regular debris of your daily life. Hair, food, and other organic materials are very often the culprit when it comes to sewer line problems. If, however, you have repeated problems, a tree root may be a hidden cause to a lot of common drainage issues. Some signs that a tree has broken a pipe underground include:

  • Your water starts draining more slowly

  • You hear gurgling sounds when your sink drains

  • Your toilet backs up frequently

  • You get repeated blockages in your pipes without a clear source

Because many of the symptoms of a tree root rupturing of your pipes can look like a normal blockage, it’s almost always easier to get a professional to come to your home and perform an inspection. He or she is trained to tell the difference between a minor blockage and a more tree root problem. Where can you get help with sewer line repair? At Budget Drainage, we’re standing by to help you with broken sewer lines and other damage caused by underground root systems. If you’re in the Vancouver area, contact us today to find out how we can be of service.


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