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Trenchless Versus Traditional Sewer Lines

Trenchless Method

When you have problems with your plumbing, it’s in your best interest to know all the options available, from the most traditional to the most high-tech.

Sometimes, no new gadget can replace the reliability of tried and true methods that have long been used to get the job done. Other times, however, new technologies can offer more efficient and more cost-effective ways of addressing your plumbing issues. So you can make the best decision for your home’s plumbing, we at Budget Drainage would like to let you know about the relative benefits of trenchless installation and replacement over traditional methods for sewer in the Vancouver area. What is the traditional way of installing sewer lines? The problem when it comes to installing and repairing pipes underneath the ground has always been access. Of course, the most obvious method of gaining access is the one we’ve been using for thousands of years: you simply dig a long trench where you’d like your pipe, lay the pipe, and cover up the trench when you’re done. There’s a simplicity and directness to this method that is attractive. At the same time, if you’re digging in an area that has landscaping, driveways, pavers, plants or other existing features that you’d prefer weren’t disturbed, digging such a trench poses a problem. How are trenchless lines an improvement? In contrast to traditional methods, trenchless technology doesn’t require digging a whole trench. Rather, it only requires two or more holes to access the earth under your yard. Using the latest technology, already existing pipes can be diagnosed and repaired using just these two access holes. What’s even more impressive, new pipe can even be laid where none existed before with high-tech drills that bore a hole underground and remove the excess earth, without a large ditch to access the space. At Budget Drainage, we’re committed to providing the service that’s right for our customers, whether that means using traditional methods or newer, trenchless technologies. If you’re in the Vancouver area and would like to know more about the advantages of trenchless methods, contact us today.


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