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Trenchless Water Line Services in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Are you experiencing problems with the water lines or sewer lines that run to and from your home, but dread the mess and expense of digging up your property to provide access for repairs? Budget Drainage has the solution for all your water line problems in Vancouver.


Budget Drainage now offers underground pipe replacement. We use the latest trenchless technology for a water line or sewer line replacement in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the surrounding communities. There won’t be heavy machinery running over your landscaping, driveway, or paved surfaces. And, any access holes that are made can be easily restored. For homeowners, trenchless pipe replacement is truly the way to go. 


Quite simply, trenchless pipe replacement is a method of accessing underground water lines and sewer lines without the need for extensive excavation. Work is performed underground from an entry and exit hole with specialized equipment.


Our trenchless line repair services begin with a video camera inspection that allows us to remotely view the condition of the line in question, identify the exact location of the problem, and determine whether or not trenchless replacement is possible. We dig access holes at either end of the damaged pipe to allow the entry and exit of the new pipe. Using the access holes, we run new pipe through the existing area that contained the old, damaged line. Once the job is finished we will once again perform a video inspection to ensure that there are no problems with the new line. For more information on the process of trenchless technology, check out our guide.


There was a time, not so long ago, that a repair or replacing a broken or malfunctioning sewer or water line required excavation. Often this excavation would be done using heavy equipment, but in areas of limited access it would have to be done by hand, using shovels and other equipment. Trenchless water or sewer line replacement minimizes the need for digging, allowing your sidewalks and landscaping features to remain undisturbed and intact. For more information how how trenchless pipe services are better for you and your property, please read our guide comparing trenchless to traditional.


The Rising Popularity of Trenchless Waterline Replacement


Trenchless water line replacement are witnessing a surge in demand and gradually transforming into an industry benchmark for new pipe installations and offer a reliable alternative to traditional methods. More and more property owners are choosing  trenchless water line solutions when it is an option for their waterline replacement.  The Staff at Budget Drainage will help you to determine whether it is right for your job.


Contact Us Today


Budget Drainage specializes in trenchless, pull-through line repair and replacement in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and surrounding communities. We are Greater Vancouver`s premier source for drainage solutions, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. For more information about our trenchless water line services in Vancouver or to schedule a no-obligation consultation at your location, please contact us at 778-231-6960.

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