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Video Camera Sewer Lines Inspection in Vancouver

Problems with your sewer lines, drainage, or sump, pump and catch basin system can often be quite difficult to detect because these elements of your home can often lie deep underground. That’s why Budget Drainage offers a video camera sewer lines inspection to Vancouver and the surrounding areas. To help us locate the issue quickly and efficiently, we use camera inspection and locating. This helps us find blockages or back grades, often during our initial visit.

There are many advantages to choosing a camera inspection, such as:

  • No digging on your property is required
  • No breaking drywall is required
  • No dismantling of the pipe is required
  • Guesswork on where the blockage may be is completely eliminated

What these advantages add up to is this:

  • Time is saved because no extra digging or demolition is required to do the inspection
  • Money is saved by shortening the process and allowing you to only pay for the problem you actually have

What Budget Drainage offers you is the opportunity to save both time and money by choosing a cost-effective solution to any issues you may have with your sewer line. While you can rent a sewer line video camera yourself, the process of learning how to use it will add expensive time to your rental. By choosing the experienced team at Budget Drainage, you can ensure that you will get the video camera inspection that best serves you, your sewer line, and your home.

How Does a Video Camera for My Sewer Line Work?

Before we send the camera into your pipe, we first send down a snake, to ensure that the camera can get through. Next, we send down the camera. The camera itself is video lens that is placed at the end of a cable. This allows the video camera to navigate through the sewer line, inspecting the nooks and crannies of your system.

The video camera can travel quite a distance through your sewer line, up to about 200 ft., allowing us to explore your sewer line thoroughly in search of any potential issues.

What Comes After the Inspection?

First and foremost, this depends on the severity of any issues that are found in your sewer line by the video camera. There are several possible outcomes for several possible problems, including:

  • Pipe joint offset: this is caused by shifted ground and can be resolved by lining or replacing the pipe
  • Tree roots: possible solutions include scraping away the tree roots, fixing the pipe, or removal of the tree
  • Corrosion: replacing or repairing the pipe

If you’re on the North Shore or anywhere within the Greater Vancouver Area, you can always count on Budget Drainage to quickly get to the root of the problem, ensuring your drainage system is back to proper working order in no time. Simply give us a call for your in-depth, no-pressure consultation for service in Burnaby and the Greater Vancouver Area.

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