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What’s the Difference Between a Drainage Contractor and a Plumber?

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Homeowners can be confused about whether to call a plumber or a drainage contractor when they experience issues in their drainage systems, sewer systems or water lines. Our blog will help homeowners understand the difference between plumbers and drainage contractors. Count on Budget Drainage to provide homeowners on the North Shore and Greater Vancouver with solutions to their drainage, water line and sewer system issues.

Drainage contractors often handle more than just drainage. They are specialists in the underground systems that carry water to and from your home. Here are some examples: Drainage: collects and moves rainwater, storm water, surface runoff and other moisture that is on the exterior of your property away from your home Water lines: carries fresh water into your home Sewer lines: used for transporting sewage and grey water from your home to the municipal sewer line Combined sewer systems: collects both storm water and sewage in one pipe and drains it away from your home into the municipal sewer Drainage contractors usually specialize in problems with waste water, water lines and drainage that are underneath or around your home. Some of these problems might result in slow drains, flooding or foul smells inside your home, but the origin of the problem is from underneath or outside your home. Additionally, drainage contractors have specialized diagnostic equipment (video camera sewer line inspection) for locating blocks and breakages and experienced staff to help you deal with issues, such as excavation and hardscaping. They also provide alternatives to excavation through trenchless pipe bursting. Drainage contractors typically don’t deal with issues, such as dripping taps inside your home, leaking taps or internal pipe problems. Those problems are usually handled by plumbers. Plumbers usually help you with issues that focus on the inside of your home, such as dripping taps or leaks in bathrooms and kitchens and a home’s internal pipes. Do I call a Drainage Contractor or a Plumber? Because drainage contractors deal primarily with the underground sector of the plumbing world they have specialized equipment and staff to help with: • Blocked drains that can lead to water seeping into your home Tree root infiltration that can damage your water lines, sewer lines and drainage system. • Broken water lines • Blocked sewer lines • Flooded basement remediation which causes problems, such as mould and foundation degradation • Excavation • Landscaping • Hardscaping, • Alternatives to excavation through trenchless pipe bursting and pull through equipment • Diagnostic equipment for locating blockages and breaks Plumbers help you deal with problems ranging from: • Dripping taps • Damaged and leaky radiators • Fix dripping faucets and clogged sinks They also help you with: • Installation of new taps, dishwashers • Repair or replacing of shower, bath or sink taps The team at Budget Drainage are specialists in water lines, sewer lines and drainage but we also have affiliations with reliable plumbers who can assist you if your have the need for plumbing services. We also have relationships with companies that provide complementary services, such as paving and driveway installations to help oversee your project from start to finish. We also offer underground inspection services for your new home along with trenchless water line services. Budget Drainage is Greater Vancouver and North and West Vancouver’s premier source for drainage, water line and sewer line solutions. Contact us today.


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