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Trenchless Technology for Water Line and Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless Technology

Pipe repair can be a costly and time-consuming business. Broken sewer lines or other water line repair often require large sections of your yard or sidewalk to be dug up. Trenchless technology is a recent innovation trend that has revolutionized underground digging!

The Benefits of Trenchless Technology for Water Line and Sewer Line Replacement What is trenchless digging? Trenchless pipe repair is a less invasive way to replace broken water lines and sewer lines. Firstly, a locator camera is used to identify the source of the problem and to determine whether trenchless technology is appropriate for the job. Rather than dig large trenches to replace pipes, only a few access points are dug. Specialized equipment is pulled through the old line, simultaneously breaking the old line and replacing it with brand new pipework. Grass, soil, driveways and walkways above the line are not disturbed and there is minimal disruption to you property while still placing pipes with amazing accuracy. What’s the benefit of trenchless technology?

  • It requires fewer workers and less equipment, the cost of trenchless digging is often lower than traditional methods.

  • Since the land being worked on isn’t as disturbed, it takes less time for your property to return to its normal condition after construction.

  • Because most of the digging happens underground, workers will only need a few access points, containing the disruption to a few specific locations in your yard.

At Budget Drainage Vancouver and North Vancouver, we are committed to providing great service at prices you can afford. If you have broken sewer lines or need water line repair in Vancouver, contact us today. Whether trenchless technology or traditional methods are the right solution for your water line or sewer line issues, we can find the solutions that are right for you.


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