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Why should you hire a local drainage contractor for your North Shore Drainage project?

Vancouver is a big city with lots of choices for the consumer so when you need a drainage contractor why is it a good idea to hire a company that focuses their business in the area that you live in? Vancouver has a lot of diverse geology – from sand flats to mountainsides. A North Shore based contractor understands the different geology that makes North and West Vancouver such a beautiful but complicated place to work in the underground services industry.

Underground services – you cant see what is under the earth around your home so a contractor who has worked in the local area for many years and understands the geology of your municipality will be better equipped to provide you with a more accurate quote and to get the job done with fewer hiccups. Especially true for North and West Vancouver as the geology and topography of the North Shore is very diverse. Residents live on a mountainside and often there are lots of bedrock and boulders from old, dried up riverbeds hiding beneath the soil. Understanding how to work around active creeks and in steep terrain. A local drainage contractor is used to dealing with your municipalities for obtaining permits and interfacing with the District workers if that is needed for your job. Local contractors are… well… local. A North Shore based Drainage contractor lives in the place that they work. Their kids may be in the same school as your kids and they care about the community that they live in as much as you do. They are based close to you and this makes it easier for them to come and see you to look at the project, provide you with a more accurate estimate, less travel time to the project which saves money. Also, by supporting a local company you are also supporting local tradespeople. A more personal experience Don’t hire someone just because they are local. They should be experienced and reputable. Do your due diligence before hiring any contractor, local or not. Budget Drainage, serving the North Shore since 1994. Call us today 778-231-6960.


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