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Why is My West Vancouver District water bill is so much higher than usual?

broken water line

West Vancouver has some of the world’s best drinking water coming from our local mountain watersheds. Residents pay The West Vancouver District for their water based on their household water use. This helps to pay for the infrastructure that delivers that water to homes as well as to create awareness around waste of this precious resource. If you live in West Vancouver and your water bill is higher than usual, then read on to learn about some reasons why:

BROKEN WATER LINE A sudden spike on your water bills could mean that you have a break in your water line. Even small leaks can mean increases in your water bill and a large, undiscovered leak could add thousands of dollars to your quarterly utility bill. Broken water lines are unexpected and can be costly, but The District of West Vancouver may adjust your water charge downwards if you fix the leak promptly. There are some factors to determine eligibility, so please read the District of West Vancouver website’s information on leak adjustments for full details. Watch for the sound of running water when you don’t have a faucet open, pooling water in your yard or reduced water pressure. All of these can indicate a possible break in your water line. RUNNING TOILET AND DRIPPING TAPS OR HOSES If you have a toilet that constantly runs or a tap or hose that drips, then money is being wasted with every drop or that water. Have toilets and taps repaired and save that precious water and your money BROKEN IRRIGATION LINES An irrigation line in your garden that has been punctured or broken can result in significant water charges. The most common cause of this is irrigation lines that are not properly winterized before the first frost. BROKEN WATER LINE IN WEST VANCOUVER? BUDGET DRAINAGE IS HERE TO HELP Budget Drainage specializes in water line replacement. West Vancouver based and family owned, with a dedicated and experienced team, we are your local water line, sewer line and drainage experts. Call us today – 778-231-6960.


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