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Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump pumps are designed to move water from a catch basin (also called a sump)

away from your home, usually to a municipal storm drain. This, and other flood

prevention strategies, helps to protect your home from flooding. Like most things, a sump pump requires maintenance to ensure that it is operating as it is intended to. Here are some key maintenance tips for your sump pump.

Get to know your sump pump:

Once you understand your sump pump, you will be in a better position to ensure

that it is maintained properly and replaced when it reaches the end of its


What is the approximate age of your sump pump? Units above 10 years old can

be more susceptible to issues.

Have the instruction manual handy and know how to access the manual online. If

the physical copy of the manual is stored in a damp space, ensure that it is kept in

a waterproof bag. It is also an idea to have the name and phone number of a

reputable sump pump contractor with the manual.

The serial number, make and model of your sump pump.

Maintain your catch basin

A clean catch basin will extend the life of your sump pump system and help to

ensure that the sump pump will be able to operate effectively. Schedule

routine maintenance with a drainage contractor. The system can be checked and

tested during the maintenance appointment.

Invest in a backup generator for your sump pump.

Most sump pumps operate using electricity, so when the power goes out, they

stop running. This is why having a backup generator that kicks in when the power

goes out is a crucial line of defence for flood prevention. If you don’t have a

backup generator for your sump pump, there is an increased risk of your home

flooding when the sump pump is not operational.

Call the experts

Sump pump maintenance is something that is often neglected by homeowners,

don’t neglect your sump pump that works tirelessly to keep your home dry. Call

Budget Drainage today for all your sump pump, catch basin and backup generator



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