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Sump Pump Maintenance

Underground pipe inspection

If your property or a part of it is substantially lower than the road or city storm drain connection, water may accumulate in the basement. A sump pump can be installed to move the ground water from the drainage system to the city drains. Depending on the size of your pump, it can remove up to 44 gallons of water per minute. Regular maintenance to check the float switch levels and keep pumps clear of debris will help to prevent damage to the pump and extend its lifespan. Budget Drainage can help you with services such as underground pipe inspection to maintain or replace your sump pump with ease.

Do I Have to Install a Sump Pump on My Property? If you can’t get the water off the property via gravity, a sump pump will need to be installed. The sump pump is best located outside the home and dedicated circuit breakers are used for the pump and float switches. When the ground water level rises and trips the float the pump turns on automatically. A dual pump system with control panel switches use between the pumps. If water flow exceeds the maximum for one pump, a second float will activate and pump two will engage to empty the sump. A high water alarm is provided to alert that the system is operating properly. Why Does Your Sump Pump Need Regular Maintenance? A malfunctioning pump will not move the water from the sump which can cause flooding in your home’s basement. Regular maintenance to check the correct alignment of the float switches and keep debris clear of pumps is important. Here are a few ways to identify that your pump is not working properly:

  • The sump alarm sounds

  • Circuit breakers to the sump pump electricals trip

  • Moisture around the foundation of your basement.

A dual pump system provides a back up as both pumps don’t usually fail at the same time. You should check your pump system annually to look for irregulatities. The sump pump should be changed every ten years along with the control panel. Contact us as soon as possible. We offer a wide range of services including wet basement waterproofing and underground pipe inspection through a video camera. To learn about water line problems, read our blog – ‘4 Signs You Need Water Line Repair or Replacement in West Vancouver.’


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