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Reasons to Maintain Your Perimeter Drainage

There are different kinds of drains all over your house, such as one under your sink, near your washing machine, in your washroom etc. But there is one important drain which often gets neglected and is located outside your home. It is called your perimeter drainage system, also known as your drain tile. Its main purpose is to carry the water which gets accumulated due to rain, snow or rising underground water away from your house. Sometimes, homeowners don’t realize they have a drainage system around the perimeter of their house which acts as a barrier and stops underground water from entering their home. In short, perimeter drainage helps to keep your home dry.

A perimeter drainage system helps to prevent water from entering your basement walls. The system contains a perforated pipe that allows water to enter the pipe but prevents soil from entering it. A properly installed drainage system slopes away from the home and directs the water towards the main stormwater line helping to prevent water infiltration and flooding in your home. Budget Drainage has been serving Vancouver for over 25+ years. We are known for providing the highest standard sewer lines, water lines and drainage services. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our commitment to quality, professionalism and workmanship. Why You Should Maintain Your Perimeter Drainage? There are a number of reasons why you should properly maintain your perimeter drainage: • Perimeter Drains Can Get Clogged With time, perimeter drains can get clogged because of dirt, plant roots, or debris and will be unable to carry water away from your house. Use screens on downspouts that tie into the drainage system and clean them regularly. • Blockage Perimeter drainage needs to be maintained on a regular basis since it tends to accumulate blockages over time. • Old Weeping Tiles If your house is over 20 years old and you can’t recall when was the last time you got your drain cleaned or maintained, it is likely in need of maintenance. • Trees and Hedges Trees and hedges close to your home can also cause trouble as their roots can disturb the filtration process of the drainage system and can cause a failure of the drainage system. Also, keep leaves and other debris out of the system. Gardens and lawns may also have pipes running through them and these should also be maintained. • Renovations and Landscaping You need to be very cautious if renovation work is going on near your house since you don’t want your perimeter drains to get crushed unknowingly. Let Us Help Your Home’s perimeter drainage should be inspected and cleaned mechanically every 3 years to keep pipes clear of roots, debris, etc. If you find any damp patches in your basement or puddles forming near your basement, these could be the signs that you need to pay attention to your perimeter drainage. You can count on Budget Drainage for solving all your drainage related problems. Our senior team members will visit your site to assess your situation and provide professional drain cleaning services. We provide a range of services including underground pipe inspection through video cameras. Call us to learn more about how we can help you with your perimeter drainage and read our blog, What to do when Perimeter Drainage fails for more insights on perimeter drainage.


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