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Common Causes of Broken Water Lines

broken water line

Not sure if you have a broken water line? Continue reading below for the signs and causes of broken water lines along with the solution.

The Signs

There are a few signs that homeowners should look for if they believe they might have a broken water line. Here's what you need to know. Water Running from your property Be on the lookout for water running from your home into the street. A broken water line with significant damage can cause a large enough leak for the water to run from your property or down your driveway or rock walls. Wet Areas in Yard When an underground water line bursts, it may cause wet areas in your yard. Walk around your front and backyard and search for wet spots or puddles. High Water Bill in Municipalities that Charge for Water Consumption If you have a broken water line, then you'll most likely see an increase in your municipal water bill if you live in a Municipality that charges homeowners for their water usage. As the water continues to leak from the pipe, your water bill continues to rise. Low Water Pressure A sudden drop in water pressure could also be a sign that a pipe is damaged. If water is leaking from your water line, then there won't be as much coming through your home's faucets and the water pressure decreases. The Causes

There's not one single cause of a broken water line. There are a few reasons why your pipes might have burst. Here's what you need to know. Old Supply Lines and Water Lines If you own an older home, then the supply lines and water lines will be old as well. As the pipes age with time, they become weaker and are more prone to bursting from age. Increase in Water Pressure A dramatic increase in water pressure can also cause the pipes to burst. Most pipes are rated to 200 P.S.I. and will break when this amount is exceeded. Growing Tree Roots Nearby trees can also cause damage to your water lines. Tree roots from trees in your yard and from neighbors' yards can grow around the water lines, causing them to break. The Solution: Water Line Repair in North West Vancouver!

Budget Drainage is your premier source for water line repair in North West Vancouver. North Shore based and in business for more than 25 years, we are proud to serve the community that we live in. Call us or email us today – 778-846-6960.


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