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Underground Plumbing

Experienced Undergroud Plumber in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Wondering how to fix the leaking water pipeline beneath your house? Looking for an experienced contractor who can handle the underground plumbing for your next excavation project? No need to look any further! Budget Drainage offers a range of plumbing services in North Vancouver and West Vancouver to keep your underground water systems in good condition. We specialize in problems related to wastewater, drainage, and water lines that are underneath or around your home. For over 25 years, we have been serving the North Shore and Greater Vancouver in a professional and efficient manner. Trust us to come to your property and do the underground plumbing job right the first time.

Keeping Your Underground Water Systems in Good Condition

As a professional underground plumber in North Vancouver and West Vancouver, we have years of knowledge and experience under our belts, which we meticulously employ in work processes to deliver excellent results. Call us today.


By utilizing the latest technology and top-of-the-line equipment and with our team of professional and experienced staff we can assist you with the following and more:

Drainage, Water Line and Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
● Excavation Projects
● Landscaping Projects
● Interfacing With Municipalities
● Landscaping Projects, Such as Paving Stones and Stone Walls
Locating Blocks and Breakages Through Diagnostic Equipment


Not only that, but we also provide alternatives to excavation with the help of trenchless pipe bursting and pull through equipment.

Common Plumbing Issues We Can Help You With

While our specialty lies in fixing drains and sewers, we do way more than that. Our specialists are trained in installing and repairing any kind of underground system that carries water to and from your home. You can come to us for:

● Blocked Drains
Experiencing slow drains, flooding, or foul smells inside your home? The origin of such problems often lies underneath or outside, which can prove to be difficult to resolve. Our team is qualified to handle any drain problem that your pipes throw at us.

● Tree Root Infiltration
Sometimes, when your pipe has a subtle crack or opening, it becomes possible for tree roots to grow through the slits and take over. To stop water backing up in your drains and sewers due to root infiltration, call our underground plumbing experts immediately.

● Broken Water Lines
If you hear the sound of water running continuously, the issue could be with your waterline. Waterlines can break due to many reasons, including corrosion, aging, and ground movement. Our plumbing pros can fix it quickly using the right diagnostic and repair methods.

● Blocked Sewer
When a sewer is blocked, the dirty water starts flowing back through your pipes and sinks. Our underground plumbing specialists can clean up the blockage and help your sewer function properly again.

● Drain Cleaning
We carry a vast inventory of cutting-edge tools to ensure that every drain cleaning job is done without any errors. From the inspection in the beginning to the final clean-up, our team takes a step-by-step approach to do the job.

● Trenchless Pipe Bursting
If your existing water or sewer line has become outdated and needs to be replaced, trenchless pipe bursting is an effective way to do it. Instead of digging a trench across your lawn, we use this method to dig a small area around the access points and do the job with minimal disturbance to the property.

● Flooded Basement Remediation and Prevention
Our plumbing professionals not only stop flooding in your basement but also make sure that the right precautionary measures are taken. With proper remediation and prevention, you can always keep your basement dry and in good shape, and enjoy complete peace of mind.

If you need to hire a plumber or gas fitter for your home or office, we have got your back! We are Greater Vancouver’s premier source for drainage, water line and sewer line solutions. Call us today – 778-231-6960

Underground Plumbing Done Right

Let our underground plumbers take care of all your drainage woes!

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