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Waterline, sewer Line and Drainage system repairs, who is responsible, the Homeowner or the Municipa

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Waterline, sewer line and drainage issues are problems that no one wants to have. Some of the time, the homeowner, or the homeowners’ insurance, is responsible for the repair, but sometimes the Municipality is on the hook for fixing the problem. Underground services contractors often get questions from homeowners about this issue and this blog should help to answer some of the most fundamental questions and give the homeowner some insight.

Who’s Responsibility is it?

Water line and sewer line issues follow the same rule-of-thumb, the Homeowner is typically responsible for repairs starting at the Municipal shut-off or meter at the property line. Anything on the homeowner’s side of the meter or shut-off is usually the homeowners’ responsibility, anything on the other side is the Municipalities responsibility. Drainage issues are a bit more complicated. Typically, if the home’s drainage system has an inspection chamber, then this is where the dividing line is. If not, then the Municipality may send out and Inspector to make an assessment. They will fix the blockage but not pay for any damage.

Issues with Water line, Sewer line or Drainage in West Vancouver

Regardless of whether your issues are with your water line, sewer line or drainage, it is best to have a professional drainage contractor make an initial assessment and then assist with the interface between the Municipality and the homeowner if that is required. If it is determined that the issue is that of the homeowner, then the next step is to ensure that the contractor you engage meets the following criteria.

  • Has adequate liability insurance coverage

  • Is in good standing with the Workers' Compensation Board

  • Knows the Call Before You Dig process

They should also know any other steps that are required to undertake the specific job. Underground services projects are often more complicated than they appear to be and the “DIY” or uninsured labour approach is often something that the homeowner regrets.

Tackling the Project

Whether you need water line repair West Vancouver, sewer line repair North Vancouver, or a drain repair in the North Shore area, start by requesting a quote from Budget Drainage. With over 25 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they can save you time and money with your water line repair. Budget Drainage is a local business with experience in drain repair North Vancouver.


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