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The Benefits of adding a natural gas generator when you install or replace your sump pump

Why do I need a Natural gas backup generator for my sump pump system?

Many homes in West Vancouver and North Vancouver need to have a sump pump and catch basin installed at their property to help prevent flooding inside their home. If all, or part of a property is substantially lower than the road or storm city drain connection, or the house is located on low lying ground then the homeowner runs the risk of water accumulating in their basement or of flooding. If water can’t move off the property by gravity, then a sump pump will likely be required. Sump pumps typically operate using electricity. They pump water that accumulates in the catch basin they are submerged in away from a dwelling. They need to manage the removal of water from the catch basin. It is important to have a backup continuous power supply that kicks in when there is an electrical outage to keep the pump system working and help to prevent your basement from flooding.

Why choose a natural gas backup generator?

The main advantage of installing a natural gas backup generator is alternative power from a source that is not electricity. If you have a gas line, gas will still be delivered to your house in the event of an electrical outage. The backup system is designed to start on its own, usually after a short delay. The natural gas generator will continue to protect your home from flooding until the electricity comes back on and the system returns to its typical electrical power source.

What is a transfer switch?

A transfer switch is a device that transfers power loads between power sources. If there is a power cut, the transfer switch will work to switch the power source of your sump pump from electricity to natural gas. Transfer switches must be installed by a qualified specialist and should be installed with a natural gas backup generator.

System maintenance

Like all mechanical pieces of equipment, sump pumps, backup generators and transfer switches should receive routine maintenance and specialists should undertake the maintenance.

Budget Drainage, your local service provider

Budget Drainage deals with the installation and maintenance of sump pumps, catch basins and natural gas generators. Serving North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and the surrounding areas since 1994, we are your local solution to all your drainage, water line and sewer line needs. Call us today 778-231-6960


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