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Perimeter Drainage Maintenance scheduling in North Vancouver and West Vancouver – Summer is a great

Routine maintenance of perimeter drainage is a household task that is easily neglected. However, neglecting these systems, whether they consist of perimeter drainage, sump pumps or backup generators, can result in significant issues that can dramatically impact your home. Homeowners in North Vancouver and West Vancouver should undertake regular maintenance of these systems to help ensure that their home is kept safe from flooding.

What is Perimeter Drainage and why does it need to be checked?

A home’s perimeter drainage system acts as a shield, helping to prevent water from entering your home. Because it is underground, drain lines can break down, filling with debris, or the roots from shrubs or trees can also grow into the system. Heavy machinery used around the home can also crush pipework and the system can simply be old and outdated. Some properties rely on sump pumps and backup generators to help manage water that builds up around a home and these can reach the end of their life.

Get your perimeter drainage checked during the summer and autumn months

Routine inspection and maintenance during these months, a time of year when rainfall is at its lowest, is a great time to get perimeter drainage systems checked. If you plan ahead, having blockages cleared from your lines, removing landscaping that is encroaching on the systems, inspecting and checking sump pumps and backup generators for potential malfunctioning or to see if they are old and in need of replacement can help to prevent your system becoming overwhelmed during the wetter seasons.

How often should a homeowner check their perimeter drainage systems?

Perimeter drains should be cleaned and inspected at least every 3 years, more often if your home is situated close to trees and shrubbery or the system is older. Sump pumps and float switches should be checked at least every 24 months, be regularly inspected, and replaced approximately every 10 years. Backup generators should be serviced, based on manufacturers recommendations.

Budget Drainage can help

The crew at Budget Drainage specializes in perimeter drainage, water lines and sewer lines. They can check your perimeter drainage systems using state-of-the- art underground cameras and determine whether your systems need cleaning, repairing, or replacing before you have a backup of water into your home. North Shore based, locally owned, and operated. We are North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the surrounding areas premier source for drainage, water line and sewer line solutions. Call us today at 778-231-6960


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