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Factoring the Replacement of your Underground Service Lines and Drainage into your Landscaping

As the weather gets warmer, Greater Vancouver homeowners start to get excited about sprucing up their outdoor living spaces. It is tempting to get straight into replacing pavers, installing lawns, planting flowers and shrubs, installing a hot tub, building decks, or resurfacing that old, crumbling driveway. However, it is crucial to ensure that the services that lie under all of those wonderful upgrades that will make your yard a sanctuary are also in proper working order. If these services aren't checked as part of the project plan, the time, energy, and money invested might be wasted.

Water Lines

Although it may seem like a hassle, it is important to check that the sewer line, water line, and drainage systems that run from your home to the city connections are not degrading or compromised as part of your project plan. Water lines should be inspected for leaks. If your water line is more than 20 years old, it is a good idea to change it out regardless of whether it has any leaks in it or not, as it will likely fail at some point soon. It may also make sense to run a larger water supply line as there is very little added cost, and it will dramatically increase the volume of water in your home and garden irrigation system. Keep an eye out for key signs that you need water line repair or replacement in your yard, like polling water or reduced water pressure.

Sewer Lines and Drainage

Older sewer lines should be inspected for blockages, cracks and other issues that can't be seen from the surface. You can do some things to promote better yard drainage yourself, but sewer line damage usually signals a larger problem. Stormwater drainage to the city connection should be checked, and perimeter drainage should also be inspected. If the drainage system is clay, concrete or "Big-O," it is outdated and should be replaced to avoid drainage failure. Cabling and gas lines should also be checked before digging. These underground utilities should be marked, but if you damage them while digging, you'll find yourself with a much larger problem than when you started.

Updating Water and Sewer Lines in Vancouver

Upgrading these services as part of your outdoor project is easier, faster and less expensive than having to dig up your freshly installed landscaping, rip out your hot tub, awkwardly dig under your deck, or dig up all or part of your driveway. Even if you think your water and sewer lines are working perfectly, it's a good idea to check before you start doing any major digging in your yard. Remember always to call before you dig and to engage the services of reputable professionals. Budget Drainage is Greater Vancouver's premier source for water lines, sewer lines, and drainage services. Call us before you start planning your garden upgrade.


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